Downeast Bound was born as the name for our first album from Six Pack of Gentlemen and our first recording studio. The studio was originally located in Otway and we had to drive out of town to record. It was also the name we decided to use for our music school which was located in our homes, and after hours in Pete's Diner.  As our enrollment increased, we realized we needed more space.  So the decision was made that it was time for our own store. 

Our focus is with Stringed instruments, but we will strive to provide services for all your musical needs. We can help with,
-Instrument repairs and refurbishment 
-Audio equipment repair
-Tube amp repair
-We buy and sell used instruments, audio equipment, amps and more. If we don't want it we will help you find someone who does.
-Instrument rentals
-Live music, and DJ Bookings, for parties, events, or for your venue.
-Sound Reinforcement
-Recording, Mixing, and Mastering

Peter Pegues
Fiddle/Violin , Claw-hammer Banjo
Delancy Loftus
Guitar, Ukulele, Harmonica